Quick tips on how to make sauerkraut the old fashion way

make sauerkraut the old fashion way

Sauerkraut-making uses salt and natural fermentation - an age-old food preservation process that inhibits food spoilage. This is caused by the natural action of microorganisms that produce acids which in turn preserves the cabbage. There are many sauerkraut recipes that have sprouted over the years, but it’s still best to enjoy sauerkraut made the traditional way.  Here are some quick tips on how to make sauerkraut:

  • Use fresh cabbage. You can get more juice out of fresh cabbage when you salt them. You have to add more salt and water when you use cabbages that have been in storage for a long time.
  • Add whole black pepper, caraway seed and bay leaves for a hearty Hungarian-style sauerkraut
  • The iodine in table and iodized salt inhibits bacterial fermentation, so you need use sea salt or canning/pickling salt instead when making sauerkraut.
  • Mix in other vegetables such as carrots and others that can be pickled; some people like to add apples
  • Use organic cabbage whenever possible because chemicals that may be present on common cabbages may interfere with the natural fermentation process